Want results?

Sharp and engaging writing makes all the difference.

What I do

I write clear, effective copy for the web, print and business.

I specialise in turning complicated information into something lively and interesting. Most people hire me as a freelance writer, website copywriter or simply someone to help with their business communications.

I write:

  • Digital content: websites, blogs, articles, case studies, newsletters, web content

  • Business communication: manuals, handbooks, reports, letters, executive bios, training video scripts

  • Print: brochures, newsletters, non-fiction books, prospectuses, leaflets

Who I work with

I work across several sectors in the UK and the US, including:

  • Healthcare

  • Not-for-profit

  • Medicine

  • Technology

  • Mental health

  • Education

Everyone likes to use their skills for good. My favourite clients are those who are striving for a better world – whether that's the scientist working to make CT scans safer, the entrepreneur improving the lives of the long-term sick or the professor championing the gig economy to alleviate poverty.

If you'd like to hear more about the kind of work I do, take a look at my previous projects.

How it works

If you're interested in hiring me as a copywriter, the process is simple.


Give me a call, so we can have a chat about your project.


I’ll send you my proposal. If you're happy with my rate, I'll ask you to fill out a copywriting brief (if you don’t have one already). This is basically a set of questions to help me understand exactly what you need.


Next, I’ll send you my contract outlining fees, timelines, expectations, etc., so we both know what to expect.


Once the contract is signed and you’ve sent me your deposit, I’ll start work. You'll soon have clear, concise and effective copy delivered right to your inbox.