North West Freelance Writer and Editor


I'm a freelance copywriter and editor based in the North West.

I aim to create clear, engaging writing that prompts change.

If you want to know a little more about my background, read on...

By all accounts, I'm a real word nerd.

I'm not quite sure how that happened, but growing up next door to a library probably had something to do with it.

Back then I thought you couldn't be a writer unless you studied the trade. And so, against all sensible advice, I took two degrees in English.

Armed with a first-class degree and a master’s, I was a short while into a career in publishing when I met a handsome American who persuaded me to up sticks and start a new adventure in the US.

Working in two languages

I spent almost five years living and working in America. When I arrived in Colorado and realised it wasn’t exactly the publishing hub of the States, I made the leap to a career in corporate America as an editor for a Fortune 200 company.

This required getting to grips with my new language, and fast.

I soon became a communications manager, where I learned a ton of new skills – including writing under pressure and reciting pages of The Chicago Manual of Style in my sleep.

Going it alone

Although the corporate world was a lot of fun, no writer wants to spend her days managing other writers. I wanted to get back in the trenches.

And I must admit, being freelance is pretty great. I get to write the copy for a website one day and a technical manual the next. Wednesday might see me working on a blog post, but by Friday I'll be copy-editing a book.

So if you're looking for someone to help make your work the best it can be, do contact me. I promise I won't talk about my favourite language book or grammar pun – unless you're a word nerd too, that is.