I've been fortunate to work with some great people.

Take a look at what some of them had to say.



Liz is a brilliant writer who brings a fresh perspective to every project along with a suitcase full of creative ideas. She effectively communicates the services and products of the client in a clear voice that resonates with the audience.
— Robert Boggess
‘Ridiculously talented’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Liz. Few people have the opportunity to work with such a talented writer – but I did for several years. Liz expertly filled the role of writer, editor, communications manager and ultimately – writing mentor. Her ability to parse highly technical concepts, work under extreme pressure and deliver consistent high-quality content are just a few reasons she was successful in an F200 tech company. Her positive approach and sharp wit are sorely missed. Liz is an asset to any company and has earned my recommendation.
— James Venrick
Working with Liz on the Surviving Me project has been a delight! Her expertise and professionalism are second to none. She is a brilliant writer with great clarity and perspective, and has given me the confidence and focus to organise my work and ideas. The finished results are fabulous. She immersed herself into the vision of my project, producing high-quality work promptly for my book and website. I would recommend her unreservedly to others.
— Helen Ranson
Liz provided high quality, timely and consistent copy editing services for our textbook. She is highly professional and was a pleasure to work with.
— Professors Robert O'Brien and Marc Williams
Liz is a gifted writer who always creates well-crafted and thoughtful work that effectively communicates our initiatives. Liz was responsible for the development of our overall call center communications strategy, reaching out to all levels of our current leadership. She played an essential role, strategizing and planning our messaging for all call center initiatives. She immersed herself into all aspects of our business and always demonstrated thoughtful leadership on every project.
— Mark Cohen
Liz is an extremely dedicated individual who exhibits an immense passion for her writing. It is this passion that endears Liz to her business partners in an organization. She can always be counted upon to deliver high quality results with integrity and accuracy.
— K. McCubbins
As a copy editor on our project, Liz was professional and personable. She learned our program and expectations quickly and implemented them thoughtfully and thoroughly. I look forward to working with her again soon!
— Susi Leeming
Liz demonstrated a serious, careful, thorough and dedicated manner to her role as a writer. She made us feel comfortable whenever we had any questions, returned our phone calls immediately and was patient with the entire process. The turnaround time was exceptional. It was a pleasure to work with Liz and I strongly recommend her services.
— Maritza Ortiz
Thanks so much for your speed, advice and accuracy while editing ‘Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century’.
— Professor Christopher Hill
I was introduced to Liz through networking, and I love her! She is very personable, easy to talk to and understood what I was looking for in a writer. Working with her was a no-brainer for me. She helped me lay out what and where I should put content and overall saw it from an angle I hadn’t even thought of. She was detail oriented and helped me from a consumer stance on what my potential clients would want to know about me and what I offer. I would highly suggest if you are looking for new web copy but don’t want to put your own time and energy into it, hire Liz. She is amazing!!
— Roxy Rahim
Liz serves as our lead copy editor for a curriculum project and has been a pleasure to work with! Since she joined the team, she has proved receptive to feedback, been able to quickly orient herself to a variety of curriculum conventions and guidelines and been able to work in a fast-paced environment. Liz is prompt, highly responsive and delivers high-quality work. I’m grateful to have her on the team!
— Elizabeth Chmielewski