Need a second pair of eyes?

There's nothing better than polishing a piece of writing until it shines. It's kind of like having a good spring clean, only without the rubber gloves and disinfectant.

Over many years as a professional editor I've worked to Chicago, AP, Oxford and various academic styles, but I'm always open to adding another string to my editor's bow. I edit everything from novels and textbooks through to speeches and annual reports.

Want to know more about the editing process? Check out my FAQs.

Editorial Services


A copy editor checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency.

Substantive editing

A substantive editor digs deep into the work, clarifying or reorganising content and structure.


A proofreader performs the final check before publication – after the work has been copy-edited.

Other Services

If you're looking for a developmental editor, researcher, fact-checker or American English to British English translator, please contact me for further information.