Copywriting projects

Every task is different as a freelance copywriter. Sometimes the goal is to persuade. Other times it's to explain, reassure or inform.

Here's just a sample of the kind of projects I've worked on.


If a hospital could talk, it would captivate you with tales of hope, determination and success against the odds.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine hired me to interview their team and write about their healthcare innovations.

The CU academic health centre is the largest in the Rocky Mountain region and employs a team of 35,000 across its campus and associated hospitals.


When an independent college makes it 12 years without a website, you know they must be doing something right. But it’s 2018, and these days even Ofsted wants you to have a web presence.

Condover College hired me to write all the copy for their new site. Yet with little information available, this meant starting from scratch, interviewing the team and making several site visits to make sure the copy reflected their friendly, person-centred approach.

Mental health

It’s well known that people living with chronic illnesses are more likely to experience mental health problems. But they rarely have access to adequate psychological support.

Surviving Me is a self-help programme created in conjunction with Aviva that helps people who have received life-changing diagnoses lead fulfilling, positive lives.

I was hired to edit and help write the Surviving Me book, create the copy for the website, write articles and run the social media campaign.


The Conflict Center in Denver runs parenting workshops, anger management classes and community outreach programmes, all in the name of creating a brighter, more peaceful tomorrow.

I provided communication consultancy and created a set of marketing materials to support their growth strategy.


Whether you use it for online banking or streaming cat videos, most of us have become addicted to the internet – and to binge-watching our favourite TV shows.

I became part of the team at Dish, an American pay-TV and broadband provider similar to Sky in the UK. I wrote a range of business communications, including video scripts, brochures, executive bios and newsletters, and worked as a UX copywriter for an exciting new piece of software.

Health & Wellbeing

It seems like there’s a new fitness guru or exercise fad every week. So how do you build a sustainable personal training business with clients who will stick around? It starts with a website that lets your clients get to know you, the trainer.

Evolution Personal Training hired me to write web copy that reflected their ethos of laidback, down to earth, personalised training.

Real estate

When it comes to city living, you’d be hard-pressed to beat the Amaranth apartments. Mountain views, a rooftop lounge and sleek, modern furnishings offer the ultimate in luxury living.

But when you invest this much in a property, you need an extraordinary website to match. I donned a hard hat, toured the construction site and created the web copy for this luxurious apartment complex.

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