What should I expect from an editor?

Think of me as a champion for your writing. I’m here to make sure your words shine and any weak spots get extra attention. My goal is the same as yours: to make your work the best it can be.

Expect the following:

Common sense

I may love words, but I’m no pedant. I know when to use good judgement. I’m not going to make an arbitrary change to match a style guide if it will compromise your voice.

A delicate touch

It’s a difficult thing to hand over your work to an editor. You fear they’ll tear your work apart and destroy what you've spent months or even years creating. But worry not. When I need to query something – such as a section where the meaning is unclear – I’ll try to do so with sensitivity and respect.

An invisibility cloak

Good editors do not rewrite other people's work in their own words. I'll work hard to make sure my input is invisible in the final product and your style is never compromised.

Why do I need an editor? Won’t spellcheck catch all my errors?

Spellcheck is great, but it’s just one part of an editor’s toolkit. Sometimes it will tell you to make some rather strange changes. It also struggles to catch things like missing words ('lift the bags out the car') and misused apostrophes ('teachers’ pet' vs. 'teacher’s pet').

If you’ve found your way to this site, you probably already know the value of editing. But just so we’re clear, editors aren’t simply human spellcheckers. They’re a writer’s secret weapon, making sure a text is the best version of itself and, most importantly, that the reader understands the intended message.

What does the editing process look like?


When you contact me for a quote, I’ll review a sample of your work and assess what level of editing is required. Expect honesty here: if you've asked for a substantial edit but it only needs a copy-edit, I'll let you know. Conversely, if you've asked for a 'quick proofread' but I think you could do with a ghostwriter, I'll break that news, too.


Next, I'll draw up a plan for the project. I'll include milestones, so we'll both know what to expect along the way.


Now it's time to dig into the work. I’ll edit your manuscript using track changes and run it through my software to double-check for inconsistencies. Then I'll return it to you to resolve any remaining queries.


Once you've returned your responses to my comments, I'll incorporate the final, approved changes and give the manuscript one last check.

What kind of documents do you work on?

You name it and I’ve probably edited it. The types of documents I edit include:

  • websites
  • brochures
  • novels
  • magazine articles
  • non-fiction books
  • executive bios
  • annual reports
  • press releases
  • instruction manuals
  • academic books
  • internal communications
  • translated documents
  • surveys
  • newsletter articles
  • CVs, resumes and academic dossiers
  • employee handbooks
  • business presentations
  • white papers
  • blogs
  • business letters

How much do you charge?

Hiring an editor is like buying any other service: the price depends on the size of the job. I price projects based on the level of editing required, the length of the document and your anticipated time frame. To request a quote, please click on the link at the bottom of this page, or contact me.

I want my work to be specific to either a UK or US audience. Can you help?

Yes! Although I am British born and bred, I lived and worked in the USA for almost five years and continue to work with clients on both sides of the pond. It takes years to become fluent in the conventions of another language, and I learned there is a lot more to American English than simply changing the odd ‘s’ to a ‘z’.

Although this website is in British English, I’m held to high standards as a professional writer and editor in both countries, so I can make sure your spelling, idioms, grammatical structures and phrasing align with your target audience.

How can I receive a quote?

So your work is ready for editing. Great! Click the button below, fill out the form and I’ll get back to you.